Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1961 Holiday House Eames Era

Sometimes a trailer comes along that just screams at you to write a play about her called My Fair Lady. She's seen some days, she's even coming apart at the seems. But in the right hands she's golden. Thelast Holiday House trailer we saw seemed like just such an endeavor (not for me) but for some helpless sap who can't resist her underlying charms. The Holiday House has been described as an Eames Era trailer which for those of you who are hipster enough to know, know that Eames minimalist furniture is all the rage this decade. So then you'll understands why popularity drove that last beat up road house all the way to $5700 at auction on Ebay. Sold to the sap with the vision. But wait.... maybe this sap knows something I don't know. Take a look at the recently re-finished model below, a different trailer. The ugly duckling turned swan? Wow!

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  1. This project and Re-Renovation of the Holiday House is FABULOUS!!! Beautiful, Modern, Jetsons Land Yacht!!