Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1961 Holiday House Part I

This overpriced trailer annoyed me, too predictable. I mean it sold for $5700 on Ebay. I had to think it was because it is touted as a mid-century trailer which means it was designed in the Eames Era theme which has reached it's pinnacle of popularity last year (in my opinion). I've seen nicer Airstreams sell for less than that. Then I saw her sister! Witnessing a complete makeover, I had to change my tune. Ok so it's still overpriced, but in the right loving hands, it might make a decent investment. I know I'm probably not suppose to say this outloud, but I like the layout of the interior so much more than an Airstream. I have a thing for square walls, I guess, and this trailer has 'em. It also has that certain quality that low back couches in the 60's had, fine lines and good use of negative space. This trailer was described as an Eames style house on wheels. I saw the resemblance. If Frank Lloyd Wright had a trailer it'd be this one with a creek running through it.

1961 Holiday House Eames Era

Sometimes a trailer comes along that just screams at you to write a play about her called My Fair Lady. She's seen some days, she's even coming apart at the seems. But in the right hands she's golden. Thelast Holiday House trailer we saw seemed like just such an endeavor (not for me) but for some helpless sap who can't resist her underlying charms. The Holiday House has been described as an Eames Era trailer which for those of you who are hipster enough to know, know that Eames minimalist furniture is all the rage this decade. So then you'll understands why popularity drove that last beat up road house all the way to $5700 at auction on Ebay. Sold to the sap with the vision. But wait.... maybe this sap knows something I don't know. Take a look at the recently re-finished model below, a different trailer. The ugly duckling turned swan? Wow!

1965 Franklin 18 footer

What is it about the travel trailer that appeals to you? I keep getting asked this (and not rhetorically like first assumed). I think it is a matter of ascetics. There is something so minimalist to me about a self-contained travel trailer, with all the amenities and no room for anything too extremely unessential. I like the built-in design, it lends itself to organization. I like the old birch interiors that have the patina of 50 years. I like the colorful appliances, turquoise or yellow, though I could live without brown and that awful green. It feels like if I were to crop my house so that only the kitchen remained and moved a pull-out bed against one wall and put the whole contraption on wheels I'd have a travel trailer. The kitchen is usually every one's favorite room right? And it might be no surprise that I have immaculately maintained 50's cabinets in my kitchen, pale yellow metal cabinets that were so well built that only a scratch here and there exists after 50 years of cleaning and cooking. I found them in my mom's basement stacked behind books and boxes and put them up in my 100 year old brick house. I love them. They are pretty and they take the wear and tear of nightly meals and pots and pans. This kitchen is just as I pictured it would be, it turned out perfect for me and not ironically it looks a lot like the inside of some of my favorite trailers.
This 1965 Franklin really reminds me of home. It has a the feel of what I love, the vinyl floor and sparkly walls in the bathroom. The ladder for the top bunk turns into a guard rail for sleeping children. The turquoise matching appliances and upholstery make decorating a non-essential. I can see myself pulling up a stool and sitting near the heater on cold nights while soup cooks on the stove. I should have bid on this one on eBay. It closed out at "reserve not met" for $3000. It sold the next day on craigslist for $3350. At this price it was stolen, but then again love is sometimes blind. It's still a little soon to write about this actually. Sniff. Sniff. Rip my heart out 18 foot Franklin!

Vintage, Unrestored 1965 Franklin Travel Trailer - 18ft
Vehicle Description
Vintage 1965 Franklin 18 foot Camping Trailer
You are bidding on a completely original , Un-restored, Vintage, 1965 18 foot Franklin Trunk Back Camping Trailer.
Sleeps 6 people comfortably, with a rear Couch pull-out, a Front Dinette Fold Down, and an Upper bunk section that slides out.
This trailer has all of its original appliances in perfect original working condition, with all of the original user and installer documents. The Stove is so pristine it actually appears to have never been used. The Fridge is a 110v/Gas version and has not been used by me, worked perfectly According to the previous owner. Its interior condition is impeccable. The Heater works exceptionally well, lights and operates like a dream.
The exterior does not have its original paint, having been over-coated by the previous owner. But it is in a nice period color scheme and can easily be redone.
All interior 110v wiring works, and has been updated to include some additional convenient locations.
There is a 12v battery system located within the trunk for the 12v lights, but I have never used it since I took possession. Since everything else works perfectly on this trailer I feel it is safe to assume that by simply adding a battery would make all the 12v lights work as well.
All of the exterior lights worked when it was towed, to its current location. Trailer Hookup is a standard 7-Pin round connector.
The trailer is equiped with electric brakes but I have neither tested them or checked them.
The original Birch interior is in exceptional condition with two minor water damaged sections by the front and rear windows. But, they are well within a repairable state.
The original floor is in beautiful condition, with a few minor divots underneath where the rear Bed slides out.
The cushions are ORIGINAL and are still in very decent condition considering their age.
All Bathroom pieces are in working condition but have not been utilized since I took possession of the trailer.
Buyer is responsible for trailer pickup and/or delivery.
The Tires have a tremendous amount of tread and minimal dry rot, so they should be fine for a medium length tow(2-4 hours) from Southeastern Massachusetts. The bearings WILL be greased and lubed prior to new owner pick-up.
The Trailer has NOT been registered or titled while in my possession.