Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Travel light, travel right. The Scotty Way!

The 1972 Serro Scotty Sportsman

In researching the Serro Scotty Sportmsan, I've uncovered some interested tidbits about this particular Make from the website of the Antique Warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri. I came across their website and was excited to learn that they not only are from St. Louis, but have an antique museum with four restored travel trailers. One is a 1959, Sportsman. The 282nd one ever made!

The Serro Scotty Sportsman was manufactured by Serro Travel Trailer Company in Irwin, Pennsylvania. Serro began making this particular Model, the Scotty Sportmans in 1958, when it was given the classic nickname of "SilverSides" for it's shiny aluminum finish. In 1958, it sold for a whopping $795 dollars. Sportmans were manufactured into the 70's. Past 1963, they were painted white and turquoise on the outside. The serial number of the Sportsman can be found on the tongue and read as Year-Length-Production Number for this particular trailer in this model. ie....72-13-xxxxx.

One of the nice things about the Sportsman is that some of them featured a step down interior for added height for about a 6' 2.5" interior height and 6' 7" width for tall sleepers. So if you could use the extra height, this is the 13 footer for you.

Ebay Description: Dry weight: 1500 lbs $4250 winning bid
This is a 1972 Serro Scotty Sportsman 15 ft trailer from California with no rust, sleeps 4, large Sanyo refrigerator, 19in. flat screen with DVD player, water and power hookups,Potable water tank with hand pump on sink, brand new deep cell battery with a Chicago brand inverter 1,200 watt continuous 3,200 watt peak, great tires have two Scotty hubcaps one fits one doesn't ?, all exterior and interior lights work great, three burner gas stove top, huge closet that could be a nice bathroom, a person 6’4” can stand up in the middle of the trailer, front window fiberglass awning is perfect, all windows and cranks are in perfect working condition, the fiberglass in the sink basin is a little rough, upholstery has a couple stains and some tears in the piping, it has a set of forest green slipcovers that come with the trailer that are very nice, the outside body is in good shape for being 37 years old with a few dents & dings, the front door has a very large vertical dent.

P.S. I have a ½ ton Dodge truck and the trailer pulls so easy you forget it’s on it.
Thanks for looking!