Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Canvas walls and a roof to protect her from the elements while I painfully peel away over 50 years of dirt, grime, wear and tear, my trailer is pretty far from finished. So let me take a minute to discuss one of my inspirations.... gosh that yellow is purty. I'm picturing my trailer in dark teal and yellow and whites with colorful Day of the Dead curtains. Last night I learned from a graduate student who did his master's dissertation on the communities that revolve around the life of the RVer, that I would be considered a "boutique" trailer owner. So be it... does this picture make you as happy as it makes me?
I apologize for not knowing where this picture came from ... if it is yours, please tell me so I can give props...


  1. Oh my gosh! I found your site on the internet and was scrolling through your restoration photos and was shocked to come upon a picture of our very own trailer! My husband Bob and I own the dear little yellow trailer you have pictured - the one with the comment "Does this picture make you as happy as it makes me?" We bought her from a private party on Ebay last fall and just love her to bits. We've named her "Buttercup" and have made lots of additions since her purchase. If you'd like to contact us our email is: cindaroo47@hotmail.com
    Thanks for the fun of finding little Buttercup's photo in your blog!

  2. Hi Cindi. I bet that was a shock to be reading about your own trailer! As you have read, I just love the look. I'm glad you contacted us. We'd love to hear more about the trailer. I'll send you an email, hopefully you'd be willing to tell us a little more about her, at least the make and model. Have a great day.

  3. Looking forward to meeting other's with vintage camper's. Love my old 1957 Trotwood Camper and would love to meet other's with similar likes!